Brand Vital Supplies
Flavor Beef
Age Range Description All Life Stages
Target Species Dog
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  • HEALTHY BEEF DOG FOOD: Beef dog food is rich in Vitamin B12 and amino acids. Farm raised beef proudly USA sourced, made and packaged.
  • FUELING POWER OF RAW: Raw meat builds muscle and burns fat for vitality your dog will feel and you’ll see! This complete and balanced natural dog food is protein-packed and low on starch.
  • FREEZE-DRIED BEEF DOG FOOD: Our unique slow freeze-drying process locks in vitamins and nutrients without cooking or extreme processing. This naturally healthy dog food always stays fresh from farm to bowl.
  • NO GRAINS, ONLY GOODNESS: Our grain free beef dog food contains no added fillers, dyes, flavorings, artificial preservatives or rendered by-products. The ultimate limited ingredient beef dog food!
  • EASY-TO-FEED MINI NIBS: This dry and lightweight dog food can be served as-is or can be mixed with other food.


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